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    Lockable design fibergalss drain cover C250 load class comply with EN124 standard CE certificate, durable, long service life for more than 30 years

dustbin dustbin

120L Fiberglass Trash Can

Fiberglass dustbin for outdoor environmental-friendly products

Moulded trash can series

120L Fiberglass Trash Can

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120L Fiberglass Trash Can

Company Name Quanzhou Jieqiang Road facility Co., Ltd.
Products Name 120L Fiberglass Trash Can
Brand Jieqiang
Products Model JQ-TC120L70
Place of origin Quanzhou city , Fujian province , China .
Material  SMC ( Sheet molding compound )
Working Temperature -60℃-200℃
Test Approval


Anti-corrosive Yes
Anti-impact Yes
Color Optional
Service Life 40-50 years
Customized/OEM Accepted
MOQ 1000PCS 

The advantages of  Composite Durable Dustbin
No.1  multi-corrosion resistance resistance to the corrosion of water, gasoline, alcohol, salt, acetic acid, sodium and potassium compound, bitumen, acid and alkali base soil, and acid rain.



strong impact resistance the 3D mesh molecular structure and reinforced fiber make the road covers have strong resistance to impact, and easy to machining.



smoke-free and non-toxic the materials do not contain halogen; it is environmentally friendly, meet the needs of future development.
No.4 flame-retardant the materials are flame-retardant(level FV0) and the smoke density ranks 15; smoke toxicity level is ZA1; all the materials meets the requirement of UL94.
No.5 low deformation rate low deformation rate can reduce the influence of temperature difference;
No.6 suitable for all kinds of bad weather poor conductor of heat; resistance to high temperature; can be used in -5℃ to +160 ℃ condition for long term.

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