Fiberglass/SMC Manhole Covers
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  • Fuel gas station manhole cover
    Fuel Station Manhole Cover

    Composite fiberglass SMC material with molding process Loading class D400 of heavy duty Comply with EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015 standard

  • lockable manhole cover
    C250 Lockable Manhole Cover

    Lockable design fibergalss drain cover C250 load class comply with EN124 standard CE certificate, durable, long service life for more than 30 years

1500T Hydraulic Machine

Jun 04, 2019

On May 9th, 2019, the 1500T hydraulic press machine was successfully introduced into Jieqiang Company, which means we can produce larger load-capacity products. The main products of Quanzhou Jieqiang include manhole covers with strict requirements on load capacity. Therefore, the higher-pressure hydraulic machine will be a significant advancement for product quality.

This hydraulic machine is mainly used for thermosetting materials such as SMC and BM to produce fiberglass products. The thermosetting products are widely applied to such as automobiles (bumpers, bottom guards, deflector ceilings, etc.), railway vehicles (high-speed rail car interiors), building materials/buildings (cement baffles, buried pipes, etc.) and electronic/electrical fields (meters, etc.) parts and components. The hydraulic machine uses hydraulic liquid as work medium and based on the Pascal principle for transferring energy to realize a molding process.

Under the condition of a certain temperature, the melt viscosity and fluidity of the base material of the FRP product are also certain, so the pressure becomes the main factor affecting the impregnation effect of the matrix resin on the reinforcing material-glass fiber bundle. When pressure is small, the external force received by the matrix resin to enhance the penetration between the fiber bundles and the reinforcing fiber bundle is small, which is disadvantageous to the impregnation of the reinforcing fibers by the matrix, so that the performance of the composite is low. Conversely, increasing the molding pressure allows the resin matrix to receive a large external force that promotes penetration between the reinforcing fiber bundles and the inside of the reinforcing fiber bundle.

Up to now, Jieqiang has more than ten hydraulic machines with different pressure. During the production process, these hydraulic machines will be assigned to produce products with different strength requirements. The production range of Jieqiang's FRP products will continue to expand more and more.

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