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SMC Small Lid

SMC Small Lid

200mm SMC Valve Box Cover

200mm SMC Valve Box Cover

Used for water or gas meter box cover, load class EN124 C250/ 25 tonnes. Original factory supply, budget-friendly cost and quality guarantee.

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The Advantages of SMC/Fiberglass Valve Box Cover

① As a leading SMC/fiberglass/composite moulded products factory of 14 years industry experience, we have designed and produced plenty of special  purpose products including water valves and gas valves, and customizasion according to specific requirements. 

② The SMC/fiberglass water valve box cover was designed in compliance with EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015. 

③ The weight of similar product is only 1/3 of cast iron or cement material. SMC is non-rusty, without scrap value and anti-theft.

④ Resistant to any harsh weather conditions, SMC is anti-corrosion and the working temperature range is from -50 to 160℃.

⑤ It's non-conductive, with remarkable insulation and excellent dielectric performance, through the improvement of the formula so that the product has excellent anti-static performance, fully meet the electronic industry SJ/T11159-1998 floor covering and assembly floor electrostatic performance requirements.

⑥ Excellent aging resistance. The SMC composite material itself and the addition of special anti-ultraviolet auxiliary agent make the product have excellent light and heat resistance, and the appearance color firmness is > grade 3 (EN20105-A03 standard).

Drawing & Dimension:

gas valve cover

Basic Parameter:

compression moulding
Sheet moulding compound
Net Weight
7.20 kg
Load Class
C250 Hinged
Clear Opening
Work Temperature
Cover Size
Test Approval
Service Life
>30 years
Lock Style
2 years
Place of Origin

Quanzhou, Fujian.

Shipping Capacity:




20' GP Container

40'  Container

Valve Box Cover


1500 sets


Product Photos:

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.