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  • Fuel gas station manhole cover
    Fuel Station Manhole Cover

    Composite fiberglass SMC material with molding process Loading class D400 of heavy duty Comply with EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015 standard

  • lockable manhole cover
    C250 Lockable Manhole Cover

    Lockable design fibergalss drain cover C250 load class comply with EN124 standard CE certificate, durable, long service life for more than 30 years

Quanzhou Jieqiang Road Facility Co., Ltd  (Owned subsidiary Quanzhou JQ Tech Co., Ltd .) locates in Quanzhou, which is a beautiful harbor city in Fujian province of China. We are one of the Chinese top SMC manhole cover manufacturers. The Company has devoted to production, R&D and market promotion for more than 12 years .

Our Company has a nearly 9,500 workshop and about 223 employees. Most products are used in road sewer, electricity system, lawn, optical fiber, petrol station and else more. The load ratings are from A15, B125, C250 to D400, and higher. Importantly, from the formulation design and production of SMC material to finished products like manhole covers, all these processes are accomplished by JQ company, so that we can control the production and guarantee the quality, and then offer competitive price to gain recognition from our clients.

Our major products are manhole covers, gully gratings, fiberglass flower pots , water meter boxes, valve shafts, cable brackets, kitchen sinks, wash basins, laundry trays, mop pool, etc.. The material is a composite, SMC, BMC or Quartz series, the technology is compression molding.

JQ Company complies with ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. We have gotten SGS certifications and strictly accordance with the EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015 ,EN 13310: 2003 ,EN 14688: 2006 standard.

The core value of our company are "exploration, innovation and sincere service". We believe that, as long as we do our best effort to make high-quality products and continuous improvement of after-sales service, it’s also a way to contribute to human well-being.

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