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  • 36" Round Inspection Chamber Cover
    • Jul , 14 2021

    With excellent structural performance, JQ-CO900 D400 manhole cover was initially designed for fuel station which not only carry cars, buses but also pass heavy duty vehicles like large trucks, strictly comply with EN 124: 2015 standards. JQ-Composites has been making composite manhole covers since 2007, our unique SMC material is very suitable to make lightweight manhole covers, with inherent bene...

  • New Size of Recessed Plantable Manhole Cover
    • Jun , 30 2021

    The recessed plantable manhole cover of cover size 800mm, it’s designed for greenfield that requires hidden functionality and light duty of load bearing capacity, usually less than A15. The lid is designed with two lifting holes on the rim and five drainage holes on the bottom. Basic Parameter: Because of the different needs of use, we also designed square lawn well manhole cover, which are most o...

  • Heating Effect to SMC Manhole Cover
    • Mar , 23 2021

    The SMC manhole top is able to adapt to any kind of harsh weathers and it can be used in the climate of -50~160℃. The protection level is IP54, which can maintain good physical and mechanical properties. The fire retardant of SMC manhole cover can reach to FV0 level, and the smoke & gas level is quasi-safety level 1 ( ZA1), which meets the requirements of domestic and international UL94 standa...

  • Fatigue Resistance Test Method to SMC Manhole Top
    • Mar , 23 2021

    About resistance to fatigue According to EN 124-5: 2015(E) Complete manhole tops or gully tops that have not previously been subjected to a load test shall be tested in accordance with the test equipment described in EN 124-1:2015, Annex A, with the test load and the number of cycles given in Table 4. A suitable apparatus which is capable of receiving the manhole top and applying a cyclic load to ...

  • Clear Opening φ900mm Watertight Manhole Cover
    • Mar , 11 2021

    This is a relatively large size single-open circular manhole cover designed specifically for customers who require sealing function. After years of design, production, testing (pressure testing and seal testing) and feedbacks from our clients, this is proved that this product is very suitable for manhole covers that need sealing function above the UST of gas stations. Load Bearing Capacity: D...

  • Recessed Manhole Top for Grass Area
    • Feb , 01 2021

    This series are designed for the lawn manhole wells which can plant grasses in and make the manhole top almost invisible because it has a slot design below the ground level. This recessed manhole top is light load and not for passing vehicles through, with green color it almost can blend into the grass area and only reveal it's rim. They are used in manholes of different sizes and are mostly used ...

  • Why
    • Feb , 01 2021

  • Composite Washbasin
    • Dec , 30 2020

    SMC is sheet moulding compound, it's a kind of aviation material and now widely used in the mainstream of the overall bathroom production. It’s weight is much less than ceramic tile, cement and natural stone, with high strength than ceramics and cement products. The production technology is thermal compression, it’s not easy to crack and deformation, anti-corrosion anti-aging, ...

  • Quartz Composite Kichen Sinks
    • Dec , 30 2020

    Quartz composite products are widely used in public buildings and home decorations. Because it’s a halogen-free, non-toxic and non-radioactive pollution, environmental new building interior decoration materials. The higher the content of quartz in quartz stone, the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, the more close to natural, the more difficult to deformation. Our qu...

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