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  • What is sheet moulding compound?
    • Nov , 12 2020

    The Main Material-SMC  Sheet Moulding Compound is glass reinforced thermoset moulding material with high strength and suitable to be moulded into many products that need to be lightweight but high strength. With excellent bending and corrosion resistance, SMC can be used in very hash weathers and rapidly changing temperature environments. Above all, its weight can be ...

  • Test Standard for Grates
    • Nov , 10 2020

    DIN 19580/EN 1433   The standard DIN 19580, EN1433 offers testing methods for both the complete trench drain and individual grates and accounts for different widths of grates, both proof loading and catastrophic failure. There are three different sizes of test block to test different grates.   DIN 19580 EN1433   Class     Loading Capacity   Typical Uses...

  • Special-designed D400 Manhole Cover
    • Oct , 19 2020
    Special-designed D400 Manhole Cover

    Fuel Station / Watertight Manhole Cover 1. This series of manhole cover was designed to achieve a bearing capacity higher than the standard EN124 D400 and completely watertight. Our company make high-quality sheet moulding composite by advanced sheet production lines, and we have industry-leading lightweight design to meet lightweight but heavy duty requirements of fi...

  • Watertight Manhole Cover
    • Oct , 08 2020

    Outstanding Advantages : 1, Excellent lightweight design from Structural design, material composition, fusion method. 2, 100% waterproof, unique rubber hollow design, EPDM material, with double sealing ring in cover and frame . 3, Lifting hole devices of aluminum alloy, easy to be installed and long service life. 4, Anti-slip surface design, beautiful appearance, with many optional color...

  • Where to buy fiberglass wash basin?
    • Sep , 24 2020

    The ceramic basin is mainly of white color, that seems cannot satisfy all customers with varied requirements to bathroom basins. The fiberglass material can be used to produce more colors and sizes can be customized.When to choose wash basins, appearance and design, material and specification are main factors that must be considered, even water storage and use height are also necessary to think ab...

  • Electric Manhole Covers In FRP Material
    • Aug , 16 2020

    There are many kinds of manhole covers, divided into various professional use, such as water, fire, rainwater, sewage, communication and so on, but the electric manhole cover is different from other manhole covers. The electric manhole covers in FRP/SMC material is not only tough and stronger, but also non - conductive and strong wave permeability. When the electric manhole covers are us...

  • The Intelligent Use Of Composites
    • Sep , 12 2018

    At JIEQIANG , we believe it is our responsibility to develop innovative products and solutions that is of superb quality and highly effective and efficient. Our commitment also extends to accelerate the adoption of composites into infrastructure applications through collaborative research. Among all materials, composite materials have the potential to replace widely used steel and aluminum and wit...

  • What inspection work should we do after installing the composite manhole cover?
    • Jul , 12 2018

    1. Inspect the brick masonry of the well, and select the composite/fiberglass manhole cover with the suitable inner diameter according to the size of the inspection well of the design atlas; 2. Determine the elevation of the top surface of the inspection brick according to the thickness of the composite/fiberglass manhole cover and the height requirement of the top surface of the green belt; 3. Be...

  • The requirements of foundation for Composite Manhole Cover
    • Jul , 06 2018

    The composite manhole cover mainly uses polymer as the base material, mainly adopts unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, and composites various materials. The high temperature and high pressure one-time molding technology has high polymerization degree, high density and good impact resistance. And tensile strength, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, maintenance-fr...

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