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  • Electric Manhole Covers In FRP Material
    • Aug , 16 2020

    There are many kinds of manhole covers, divided into various professional use, such as water, fire, rainwater, sewage, communication and so on, but the electric manhole cover is different from other manhole covers. The electric manhole covers in FRP/SMC material is not only tough and stronger, but also non - conductive and strong wave permeability. When the electric manhole covers are us...

  • The Intelligent Use Of Composites
    • Sep , 12 2018

    At JIEQIANG , we believe it is our responsibility to develop innovative products and solutions that is of superb quality and highly effective and efficient. Our commitment also extends to accelerate the adoption of composites into infrastructure applications through collaborative research. Among all materials, composite materials have the potential to replace widely used steel and aluminum and wit...

  • What inspection work should we do after installing the composite manhole cover?
    • Jul , 12 2018

    1. Inspect the brick masonry of the well, and select the composite/fiberglass manhole cover with the suitable inner diameter according to the size of the inspection well of the design atlas; 2. Determine the elevation of the top surface of the inspection brick according to the thickness of the composite/fiberglass manhole cover and the height requirement of the top surface of the green belt; 3. Be...

  • The requirements of foundation for Composite Manhole Cover
    • Jul , 06 2018

    The composite manhole cover mainly uses polymer as the base material, mainly adopts unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, and composites various materials. The high temperature and high pressure one-time molding technology has high polymerization degree, high density and good impact resistance. And tensile strength, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, maintenance-fr...

  • The application of SMC in kitchen & bathroom
    • Jul , 06 2018

  • SMC Applications In Electrical & Electronics
    • Jun , 26 2018

    Electronic are the best materials for insulating electrical system components as these have the ability to maintain both physical and electrical properties. The boxes are available in various sizes ,colors and uses. Clients can also avail it in different customized options. ▲▲Cable branch boxes ▲Electr Advantages of products: ▲Excellent Flame Resistance Performance; ▲Excellent Smooth Surface; ▲Exc...

  • How to Install a Fiberglass Kitchen Sink
    • May , 14 2018

    Step 1 Lay the fiberglass kitchen sink upside down on the countertop and place it in the exact position it is to be installed. Center it, but position the front edge of the sink so it is at least 1½ inches from the edge of the counter but not more than 3 inches. Step 3 Remove the sink and draw another line 1½ inches inside the outline that you drew in Step 2. Step 4 Drill starter holes in each cor...

  • Maintenance Guide for Manhole Cover
    • Jul , 28 2017

    1.The facilities need to be maintenance include , but are not limited to : Broken manhole covers and frames ; Cleaning inlets and storm drains—None ; Truck , traffic signs , cones ; Hand shovels , pick , street broom ; Hand tamp as needed ; Heavy string ( 10 feet of grade line ) . C. Personnel Required Personnel required are a truck driver and laborers . 3.Recommended Repair Procedure a.Cleaning I...

  • Iron Manhole Cover Corrosion? Not With Composites!
    • Jul , 24 2017

    Nowadays , more and more city sewer manhole cover be corrosion , and caused risk and problems to persons and vehicle . So the governments face a problem that you can not get every manhole cover replaced on time and also it is big cost on it . so how to solved it ??? Composite SMC BMC would be a best solution of this problem , because composite material is corrosion assistance . Especially for this...

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