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  • Installation of manhole covers and frames
    • Jun , 23 2017

    INSTACorrect use of the product in the shaft: If the shaft is round, use a round frame. If the shaft is square, use a square frame. Under no circumstances should traffic be allowed to pass unless the installation of the product is finished. 1、Preparation of the seat Prepare a seatClean up to the solid concrete on the base, avoiding gravel falling into the well. may not be used as the seating for t...

  • Why composite manhole cover will instead of iron manhole cover ?
    • May , 27 2017

    From Production : Iron manhole cover has ductile iron and casting iron , they has making a strict environmental pollution during the coal burning process . More and more governments will take policy to limits it developed . But composite manhole cover used science production , and no pollution . From Cost : With the limits and high import tax on iron products , the cost and price of iron manhole c...

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