Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers

Maintenance Guide for Manhole Cover

Maintenance Guide for Manhole Cover

  • 2017/07/28

1.The facilities need to be maintenance include , but are not limited to :

  • Cracked or broken inlet grates and frames ;
  • Broken manhole covers and frames ;
  • Clogged inlets and storm drains .

These facilities are generally considered trouble-free ; however , regular maintenance inspections should be conducted in order to identify defects such as broken manhole frames or covers , or non functioning storm inlets . These maintenance inspections should occur more frequently than those previously discussed , and should be conducted up close , not as a drive-by , since it is difficult to detect a clogged inlet or a cracked grate from a distance . Some manholes and sidewalks are owned by utilities or others. If any of these are found to be defective , notify the owners , who should do the repairs .

2.Materials , Equipment , and personnel required

a. Materials Required

  • Cleaning inlets and storm drains—None ;
  • Replacing grates , covers , and frames — Grates , frames , or cover as required .

Note: This rarely needs to be done .

Asphalt or concrete patching materials for repairing areas adjacent to inlet grates or manhole cover .

b.   Equipment Required

  • Truck , traffic signs , cones ;
  • Air compressor , air hose , jackhammer ;
  • Hand shovels , pick , street broom ;
  • Wheelbarrow or mixing box as needed ;
  • Hand tamp as needed ;
  • Heavy hammer or sledge , chisel ;
  • Heavy string ( 10 feet of grade line ) .

C. Personnel Required

Personnel required are a truck driver and laborers .

3.Recommended Repair Procedure

a.Cleaning Inlets

  • Set up signs .
  • Remove trash from grates .
  • Remove grates .
  • Remove trash and debris from inlet .
  • Check storm drain from both ends to be sure it is open .

b.  Replacing Frames

  • Set up signs.
  • Cut around frame .The frame will have a flange which rests on the inlet or manhole .
  • Clean off top of inlet .
  • Put down a bed of fairly stiff mortar on top inlet .
  • Set new frame to grade by placing string on the pavement surface on both sided of the frame (street side) as close to the frame as possible .
  • Set frame . If too high , tap the frame with a pick or sledge . If too low , remove frame and add mortar . Repeat procedure on curb side . Perform both procedures together .
  • Replace carefully the removed pavement .  Careless placement could cause the grate to move .  If concrete is used , spray with curing compound .
  • Set cones around inlet to protect from traffic .
  • If asphalt mix is used , thoroughly tamp into place .
  • Clean up area .
  • Take down signs .

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