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  • Special-designed D400 Manhole Cover
    • Oct , 19 2020
    Special-designed D400 Manhole Cover

    Fuel Station / Watertight Manhole Cover 1. This series of manhole cover was designed to achieve a bearing capacity higher than the standard EN124 D400 and completely watertight. Our company make high-quality sheet moulding composite by advanced sheet production lines, and we have industry-leading lightweight design to meet lightweight but heavy duty requirements of fi...

  • Watertight Manhole Cover
    • Oct , 08 2020

    Outstanding Advantages : 1, Excellent lightweight design from Structural design, material composition, fusion method. 2, 100% waterproof, unique rubber hollow design, EPDM material, with double sealing ring in cover and frame . 3, Lifting hole devices of aluminum alloy, easy to be installed and long service life. 4, Anti-slip surface design, beautiful appearance, with many optional color...

  • Electric Manhole Covers In FRP Material
    • Aug , 16 2020

    There are many kinds of manhole covers, divided into various professional use, such as water, fire, rainwater, sewage, communication and so on, but the electric manhole cover is different from other manhole covers. The electric manhole covers in FRP/SMC material is not only tough and stronger, but also non - conductive and strong wave permeability. When the electric manhole covers are us...

  • Maintenance Guide for Manhole Cover
    • Jul , 28 2017

    1.The facilities need to be maintenance include , but are not limited to : Broken manhole covers and frames ; Cleaning inlets and storm drains—None ; Truck , traffic signs , cones ; Hand shovels , pick , street broom ; Hand tamp as needed ; Heavy string ( 10 feet of grade line ) . C. Personnel Required Personnel required are a truck driver and laborers . 3.Recommended Repair Procedure a.Cleaning I...

  • The difference of different materials of manhole cover
    • Jul , 07 2017

    are smooth and beautiful in appearance , can be colored and designed according to design requirements ; Cast Iron are easy to rust and corrosion ,poor appearance ; 2、Weight :3、Toughness : Cast Iron Manhole Covers have good rigidity , lack of toughness , easy to crack ;                      &nbs...

  • The Testing Methods for Manhole Cover Loading Capacity
    • Apr , 24 2018

    manhole coversFirst is testing permanent sets less than remands . D400 composite manhole cover1,The permanent set of the cover was < 2.0mm which is within the permissible stated in Table 8 of the standard. (1/300 x 600 = 2.00mm). The cover therefore passed the EN124 D400 test for both permanent set and load.

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