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  • Heating Effect to SMC Manhole Cover
    • Mar , 23 2021

    The SMC manhole top is able to adapt to any kind of harsh weathers and it can be used in the climate of -50~160℃. The protection level is IP54, which can maintain good physical and mechanical properties. The fire retardant of SMC manhole cover can reach to FV0 level, and the smoke & gas level is quasi-safety level 1 ( ZA1), which meets the requirements of domestic and international UL94 standa...

  • Fatigue Resistance Test Method to SMC Manhole Top
    • Mar , 23 2021

    About resistance to fatigue According to EN 124-5: 2015(E) Complete manhole tops or gully tops that have not previously been subjected to a load test shall be tested in accordance with the test equipment described in EN 124-1:2015, Annex A, with the test load and the number of cycles given in Table 4. A suitable apparatus which is capable of receiving the manhole top and applying a cyclic load to ...

  • How to Install a Fiberglass Kitchen Sink
    • May , 14 2018

    Step 1 Lay the fiberglass kitchen sink upside down on the countertop and place it in the exact position it is to be installed. Center it, but position the front edge of the sink so it is at least 1½ inches from the edge of the counter but not more than 3 inches. Step 3 Remove the sink and draw another line 1½ inches inside the outline that you drew in Step 2. Step 4 Drill starter holes in each cor...

  • Iron Manhole Cover Corrosion? Not With Composites!
    • Jul , 24 2017

    Nowadays , more and more city sewer manhole cover be corrosion , and caused risk and problems to persons and vehicle . So the governments face a problem that you can not get every manhole cover replaced on time and also it is big cost on it . so how to solved it ??? Composite SMC BMC would be a best solution of this problem , because composite material is corrosion assistance . Especially for this...

  • The Reasons to Choose Composite SMC Manhole Cover
    • Jun , 16 2017

    can weigh up to 85% less than their metal counterparts. This makes them easier to transport and to move into place, reducing the equipment and manpower needed. It also greatly decreases the risk of worker injury, reducing compensation, lost working time and distress. Theft is a huge problem with traditional cast iron covers because of their high scrap value, however composite manhole covers contai...

  • SMC Manhole Cover Advantages
    • May , 22 2017

    SMC is the short form of Sheet Moulding Compound. It is composed of resin, fiberglass and other chemical polymer. This a raw material for mold pressing. The core is chopped strand and unsaturated polyester resins paste that are covered by LDPE&HDPE sheet , with a thickness of 3mm-6mm,600mm-1200mm width and is packed in rolls or boxes. During production,to cut ,weigh the raw material and then p...

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