Composite Frames and Covers

Composite Frames and Covers

Suggested Specification for Composite Frames and Covers

Suggested Specification for Composite Frames and Covers

  • 2017/07/21


This specification is applicable for composite manhole cover’s frames and covers. All manufacturers shall be approved by suppliers and be able to demonstrate that there is an acceptable quality control program at the producing facility prior to supplying products.


Composite manhole cover products shall be manufactured from fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). It shall consist of a FRP matrix consisting of between 45% to 70% fiber reinforcement by weight. Fiber reinforcement shall consist of fiberglass, carbon, aramid, basalt and/or natural fibers. The polymer matrix shall be thermoset consisting of a polyester, vinylester, epoxy, polyurethane, and/or hybrid chemical composition. The resin matrix must be thermoset.


Composite manhole cover’s frames and covers shall be of uniform quality, with a dimensional tolerance of 1/16 of an inch. The finished product will feature a strength to weight ratio of 750:1. There shall be no possibility of corrosion welding between the cover and the frame, preventing damage to the infrastructure when opening. Gasket system shall be integrated to reduce traffic shock and abatement of noise and malodor .

B125 Composite Manhole Cover

Proof Load Testing

Traffic service castings shall have a first article proof load test conducted and the results of that proof load shall be made available to the purchaser upon request. The proof load shall be conducted in accordance with the method and procedure that is outlined in CE EN124 . The product shall be tested on a suitable and calibrated load testing machine and the composite manhole cover’s frame and cover shall hold a correspondent pound proof load for one minute without experiencing any cracks or detrimental permanent deformation.


Inspections shall be in accordance with CE EN 124 OR SGS . Results of these tests shall be furnished to the purchaser upon request. The production date and product numbers, as cast on the product, shall be the basis of trace ability and recording of the tests.


Each product shall be identifiable and show, at a minimum, the following: name of the manufacturer, country of manufacture (such as "Made in China "), material designation, and individual part number. Product shall include all lettering as shown on the specification drawings .


Random checks of the products may be conducted by the purchaser. These random checks shall be conducted in accordance with specification drawings.

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