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The Urban Drainage System 20 Jun 2017

The urban drainage system consists of rainwater systems and sewer systems.

1.Gully refers to the facilities that the pipeline drainage system to gather surface water , the structure that collect the storm water in the storm water pipe or combined sewer ,the basic components of the rainwater system are composed of water inlet, well bore and branch pipe. Roads, squares, and even the roof’s rain water of the building first through the grate into the gully , then through the connecting pipe into the river or lake. Gully is the entrance of rainwater into the city underground , the important facilities to collect thus ground rainwater .

2.Where the city's gully ? Urban gully can be seen everywhere, they are under the composite grate in the roadside bar , the rain on the edge of the road .

3. The form of gullies , there are two types of flat grate and vertical type. Flat grate-type flow of smooth, but when the heavy rain , it’s easily blocked by branches and other debris, affecting the water capacity. The vertical grate is not easy to be blocked , the ditch should maintain a certain depth, but some towns due to yearly maintenance of the road, due to road height, so that the grate section to reduce the capacity of collect water .

4.In the design of urban drainage pipe network , the drain’s network of rain and sewage is separated. Domestic sewage is sent to the sewage treatment plant through a dedicated sewage pipe, while the rainwater port is only responsible for rainwater collection , flood control and flood discharge. Because any city's rainwater channel is not connected with the sewage treatment plant, otherwise the case of rain, tens of thousands of tons of rain will run the sewage treatment plant paralyzed.

Drainage covers are generally marked with the letter "W", the drainage covers are marked "Y".

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