composite manhole cover

composite manhole cover

Why composite manhole cover will instead of iron manhole cover ?

Why composite manhole cover will instead of iron manhole cover ?

  • 2017/05/27

From Production :

Iron manhole cover has ductile iron and casting iron , they has making a strict environmental pollution during the coal burning process . More and more governments will take policy to limits it developed .

But composite manhole cover used science production , and no pollution .

Plastic Composite Manhole Cover For Plastic Tank

From Cost :

With the limits and high import tax on iron products , the cost and price of iron manhole cover will lost its cost competitive . Especially its heavy weight also take much more shipping cost .

Composite manhole cover take high technology will decreased its cost and has a high production effective .

From Features :

Advantages of composite manhole cover compare with other material :

1,Higher stretch resistance and bend resistance .

2,Anti-theft , no cycle value .


4,Durable service life

5,Anti-corrision , anti-slip

6,UV-proof and V0-flammability rating

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