Dog electrocuted while walking over manhole cover

Dog electrocuted while walking over manhole cover

  • 2018-09-29

Debbie McDermott told WWSB that her 70-pound Great Pyrenees, Charlie, was electrocuted when he stepped on a street light manhole cover with wet paws.

She and her husband brought Charlie home just four months ago.

"He was our home, he was our family, he was the love, he was the joy," McDermott said.

Saturday, a routine walk turned tragic.

"He had fell to the ground, then his tail was wagging and then Lynn had to try to move him off of that he realized that he got shocked and then Lynn's hand got shocked as he was moving Charlie and then Charlie started foaming at the mouth," McDermott said.

Paramedics pronounced the dog dead at the scene. Florida Power and Light said once aware of the situation, they shut off that power line until it was fixed.

The City of Sarasota said the dog was electrocuted due to a burnt wire underground in the pull box that had come in contact with the metal lid.

"To lose your dog in four months from something that could have been, it's negligence, I feel like we should still have Charlie today," said McDermott.

The tragedy caused by the cast-iron manhole cover made us ponder , there are so many power pipelines in the world , and if the power system under the manhole cover is damaged , and the power company cannot cut off the power to repair in time ,then the accident of electrocution is likely to happen again.

There may be ways to prevent that accidents,replace the cast iron manhole cover with an composite fibreglass manhole cover (SMC/bmc material).

SMC material has the following advantages(Compared with cast iron and cement):

1. Reduced weight,easier to transport,reducing the equipment and manpower. decreases working time.

2. Security,no recycling value,anti-theft.

3. Fire prevention , insulate &anti-static.

4. Resistance to corrosion,no rust.

5. Temperature tolerance:-60℃-200℃.

6. Choice of colors & advertising potential(can be mold with company logos,city symbols or messages).

7. Matte design,non-slip protection.

8. Low noise when car passing.

9. Energy-saving & environmental friendly.

Finally ,wish there are fewer and fewer and fewer tragedies .

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