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    Composite fiberglass SMC material with molding process Loading class D400 of heavy duty Comply with EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015 standard

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    Lockable design fibergalss drain cover C250 load class comply with EN124 standard CE certificate, durable, long service life for more than 30 years

Fiberglass SMC Spetic Tanks for House Use

Fiberglass SMC Spetic Tanks for House Use

Industrial Water Treatment with multi-layer media

Aquaculture, fish farming filtration system

Fiberglass materiall for house used

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Fiberglass SMC Spetic Tanks for House Use

 Products Details 

Company Name Quanzhou Jieqiang Road facility Co., Ltd.
Products Name SMC Septic tanks
Brand Jieqiang
Products Model JQ-ST02
Place of origin Quanzhou city , Fujian province , China .
Material  SMC  ( Sheet molding compound )
Application Waste Water Treatment
Production capacity 2.0 CBM
Working Temperature -60℃-200℃
Test Approval


Protect class


Shape Rectangular
Anti-impact Yes
Sealing Yes
Color optional
Servive Life >50 years
Customized/OEM Accepted
MOQ 100sets

FRP Septic tank Application :


1. Industrial Water Treatment with multi-layer media

2. Water Softening

3. Centralized Filtration System for high rise residential and commercial buildings such as residence, high rise office building, hotels and resorts.

4. Aquaculture, fish farming filtration system

5. Many other water filtration and treatment applications.

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