Fiberglass/SMC Manhole Covers
Fuel Station Manhole Cover
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  • Fuel gas station manhole cover
    Fuel Station Manhole Cover

    Composite fiberglass SMC material with molding process Loading class D400 of heavy duty Comply with EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015 standard

  • lockable manhole cover
    C250 Lockable Manhole Cover

    Lockable design fibergalss drain cover C250 load class comply with EN124 standard CE certificate, durable, long service life for more than 30 years

It also called station manhole cover, fueling station manhole cover or service station manhole cover.

Can be custom-made for different usages and with special logo or any colours.

The material SMC is insulating and nonflammable, so it's suitable to use on fueling stations.

It's against electric shock so it's much better than ductile cast iron manhole covers for service stations.

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