Fiberglass/SMC Manhole Covers
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  • Fuel gas station manhole cover
    Petrol Gas Station Manhole Cover Leakproof

    Composite fiberglass SMC material with molding process Loading class D400 of heavy duty Comply with EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015 standard

  • lockable manhole cover
    C250 Lockable Manhole Cover

    Lockable design fibergalss drain cover C250 load class comply with EN124 standard CE certificate, durable, long service life for more than 30 years

New Product - SMC Water Meter Box

May 25, 2017

SMC water meter box with SMC sheet molding compound by a high temperature molding, beautiful appearance, the box surface smooth, uniform color, easy to scratch.


1, Mechanical properties, the box due to the use of SMC composite materials, light high strength, high density, low porosity, mechanical properties than the hand paste products about 20-40%.

2, Resistant to chemical corrosion, SMC meter box using composite materials as raw materials, to water, most of the acid, alkali, salt and some organic solvents and ultraviolet light corrosion, with good corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties, to adapt to the Harsh environment, all metal parts have been rust-proof treatment, the overall life of the box up to 20-30 years.

3, Excellent coloring, table box color is the raw material comes with, no external spray, outdoor can be long-term to maintain, do not fade, color, can greatly enhance the corporate image.

4, Anti-theft is good, the box used by the SMC composite materials, there is no recycling value, can be removed from the theft of the worries.

5, Modular: based on the basis of the epitope, according to user requirements into a combination of arbitrary epitope meter box.

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