SMC Material Features and Application

SMC Material Features and Application

  • 2017-05-25

The abbreviation of Sheet molding compound is SMC. The mainly raw material consist of SMC special-purpose yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additive, filler, and various additives. It first appeared in Europe in the early 1960 s, around 1965, the United States and Japan have developed this technology. SMC has advantages such excellent electrical properties, corrosion resistance, light weight ,engineering design easy and flexible . Its mechanical properties can be comparable with the metal material, so that it is widely used in transportation vehicles, construction, electrical/electronic and other industries.

SMC Application

SMC materials and SMC moulded products, excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, resistance to chemical corrosion.So SMC products application scope is quite widespread, mainly include the following areas of application:

The application in automobile industry

Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries take SMC composite materials into widely used in automobile manufacture, involving cars, buses, trains, tractors, motor bikes, all cars and sports cars, agricultural vehicles, SMC parts mainly include the following categories:

1, suspension parts, The front and rear bumpers, instrument panel, etc.

2, the body and body parts Body shell, shell, roof, floor, door, hot air grille plate, the front board, choke, trunk deck plate, sun shade, SMC fender, hood, headlight reflector.

3, under the hood Such as shells of air conditioner, ventilation hood, the intake pipe cover, fan guide ring cover, water tank, heater parts, brake system parts and battery bracket, engine sound insulation board, etc.

The application in railway vehicle

SMC railway vehicle component frame, toilet mesa, chairs, tea table, SMC carriage wall plate with SMC roof, etc.

The application in construction projects

1, the water tank

2, bath products,

3, purification tank

4, building template

5, store between components


The applications in electrical industry and communication engineering

The application of SMC products in electrical industry and communication engineering mainly includes the following several parts.

1, appliance housings, including electric switch box cover, SMC electrical distribution box, dashboard, etc.;

2, electric elements and electric parts: such as SMC insulator, insulated tools, such as the motor end cover;

The application in kitchen & bathroom

As people living standard rise, shower has become a life after work. Building or rebuilding homes each year in Japan, the number of 2.2 million units, the construction industry to flourish, especially the bathtub, whole bathroom equipment, sink and other products with SMC materials in great quantities, and this kind of products is developing towards large-scale and high-grade, SMC composites manufacturing shower equipment can give a person with the enjoyment on the vision and touch, and the price can compete with ceramic tile or enamel products, shape change. Everywhere to streamline the United States, has become a household necessities in the future. SMC sanitary ware has the following advantages:

1, Resistance to corrosion ,high temperature & coldness

2, Non-oil sticking & stainless

3, Fire prevention & low noise

4, Beautiful & durable

5, Easy to clean

6 ,Compression Resistance & anti-aging performance

7, Integrated molding beautiful & durable

8, Insulated & Antistatic

9, Energy-saving & environmental friendly

The application in the ground

Anti-static floor is the biggest characteristic of SMC: adopting the antistatic SMC composite moulding technology as a whole. Non-slip design and product surface, the antistatic performance is stable, with a conducting electrostatic, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, fire prevention, compressive strength, etc.  

The advantages of SMC-Material Manhole cover

1, High load capacity D400 , CE EN124 , SGS , eurofins.

2, Temperature tolerance :-60℃-200℃ .

3, Fire prevention & low noise.

4, Security,  No recycling value .

5, Energy-saving & environmental friendly.

6, Double design, fall Protection.

7, Matte design,  Non-slip protection.

8, Antibacterial No rust, no rot.

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