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Quanzhou JieQiang Road Facility Co. was founded in 2007, That is the starting point for us to escort the traffic safety of Chinese urban roads. In 2008, the new press machine of 500 tons and SMC sheet production equipment improved the production efficiency and the products quality.

In 2010, the factory moved to TaiShang Industrial Park to expand the scale of production. 2011, JQ officially entered the tap water system to provide water meter boxes for thousands of households water supply and security.

In 2013, the BMC manhole cover was replaced with SMC manhole cover, that greatly improved safety factor of urban roads. In 2014, SMC flower boxes started contributing to the greening of elevated roads and the beautification of urban landscapes.

In 2015, our manhole cover products began to enter the international market. The first manhole cover was exported to Europe from XiaMen Port, that was the opening of our global market strategy. After these 7 years, JQ manhole cover has been laid on the roads of more than 30 countries and regions in the world and provides road security. 

In 2018, the latest 1500 tons of large press machine was introduced for further expanding the scope of production. In 2019, JQ independently designed and developed the fuel station manhole cover and officially entered the global fuel station supply system.

In 2020, the latest introduction of automatic SMC production equipment.

In 2021, the company began to layout a number of branches and offices at home and abroad.

On May 8th, 2022, JQ Company celebrated its 15th anniversary in JiuXianShan moutain in Dehua County of Quanzhou City.

JQ Composites provide efficient supply services in the whole chain from product design, molds design, raw material preparation, SMC production, molding compression, finish product assembly, quality control, sales management, after-sales service. The factory is equipped with two sets of semi-automatic sheet moulding compound production equipment line, and the daily production of SMC can reach more than 60 tons; The two main workshops are equipped with more than 20 high-tonnage hydraulic press machines, with molding pressures ranging from 315 metric tons to 2000 metric tons, and the largest press machine is capable of producing over 2 meters in diameter of the molded products. The two laboratories in our factory can independently complete the common performance coefficient tests of composite products, including load class, deformation, toughness, rigidity and other required standards. At present, there are more than 1000 sets of molds to produce existing composite products.

JQ Company is committed to providing clients with high-end customized fiberglass products and services with high quality materials and advanced technology. It has become a long-term partner of municipal engineering, electric power telecommunications, real estate development zones, as well as major building materials agents, and has established a good brand image in foreign markets. Our products have passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and European CE certification.

Maintain product variety expansion and technological innovation
Our Advantage
Maintain product variety expansion and technological innovation
JQ composite molded products have been widely applied in municipal roads, sidewalks, real estate, communications, water, chemical, pipeline gas, heat, electricity and many other industries. With the accumulation of industry experience combined with the changing market demands, we add more new types of products and update the product series step by step, and meanwhile we've been doing continuous trials, R&D and improvement both from the material and structure design to some series of product, as we target to make perfection more perfect. In addition to the existing mass-produced product types, GRP molded products can be used in a wide range of applications, including fan blower shell, fan blades, wires frame, satellite receiver shell, ceiling board, etc. We have sufficient experience in product customization to meet customer's individual needs.
Stable management to ensure product quality and after sales service
Since 2007, with more than 16 years of continuous development, we've built a stable team to apply skilled technique and advanced machines for continuous and steady production. Our factory has been maintaining stable cooperation with outstanding raw material suppliers with stable production, that guarantee our stable and continuous production even when the raw materials are easily in short supply or when the price of crude oil soared.
High tonnage hydraulic machine with thermal compression technology
As a molded product manufacturer with more than 16 years of industrial experience, we've put a lot of effort into the best combination of product design and mold making, that means it's significant to find some professional mold making company and have long term relationships with them. We choose the most suitable mold factory to design and make the best moulds for our products with considering about product sizes, design complexity, delivery time, order budget, etc..
Independent production of high-quality SMC/composites for specific products
1, It can maintain good dielectric performance under high frequency, and does not reflect or block the microwave. It is suitable for application in crowded or narrow places, and can effectively avoid the danger of electric shock.  2, It has effective resistance to water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolyte salt, acetic acid, sodium potassium compounds, asphalt, acid base soil and acid rain corrosion. 3, Under the combined action of three-dimensional network molecular structure and reinforcing fiber, the material has good impact resistance, easy to be machined, easy to drill and cut, and accurate positioning.
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