SMC Material Workshop

The Main Advantages of the SMC Composites:

1, It can maintain good dielectric performance under high frequency, and does not reflect or block the microwave. It is suitable for application in crowded or narrow places, and can effectively avoid the danger of electric shock. 

2, It has effective resistance to water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolyte salt, acetic acid, sodium potassium compounds, asphalt, acid base soil and acid rain corrosion.

3, Under the combined action of three-dimensional network molecular structure and reinforcing fiber, the material has good impact resistance, easy to be machined, easy to drill and cut, and accurate positioning.

4, It has strong impact resistance to avoid deformation, with high tensile strength, bending strength and impact toughness.

5, As a smokeless and non-toxic material, it does not contain halogens, and it’s an environmentally friendly material that can meet the needs of future development.

6, The fire retardant can reach to FV0 level, and the smoke&gas level is quasi-safety level 1 (ZA1), which meets the requirements of domestic and international UL94 standards.

7. It's a poor conductor of heat, has low deformation rate of high-temperature resistance which can reduce the influence of environmental temperature difference on the internal structure of products.

8. It's able to adapt to any kind of harsh weathers, it can be used in the climate of -50℃~160℃ for a long time. The protection level is IP54, which can maintain good physical and mechanical properties. 


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