• 760mm C250 Composite Manhole Cover
  • 760mm C250 Composite Manhole Cover

760mm C250 Composite Manhole Cover

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Product origin:
Quanzhou City
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2 weeks
760mm C250 Composite Manhole Cover

Clear opening is 670mm, Loading class is D400.


This circular composite mahole cover was designed as medium duty load SMC manhole cover at EN 124 C250, the cover diameter is 760mm with Anti-theft & Double-layer Design;

1. The specially designed double-layer manhole cover is patented as a utility model.

2. This  round manhole cover is equipped with anti-theft lock device and opening hole. The main cover and well base are connected by means of clamshell.

3. Double cover design is useful when the main cover damaged sub-cover can also play a temporary buffer role, to prevent falling danger. There are two handles on the sub-cover that can be opened directly without other auxiliary tools, and there are four leakage holes to prevent water from filling up.

Basic Parameter:

Composite mahole cover

Product details:

SMC manhole cover C250

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