• 900x900mm D400 Sealed Square SMC Manhole Cover For Fuel Station

900x900mm D400 Sealed Square SMC Manhole Cover For Fuel Station

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900x900mm D400 Sealed Square SMC Manhole Cover For Fuel Station

As a set of large square manhole covers , clear opening is 900x900mm, load class is EN 124 D400, watertight and light weighted.


The 900x900mm Sealed manhole cover is designed for petrol station use with 100% sealing function.

Advantages of D400 Manhole Cover for Fuel Station:

① SMC manhole covers have smooth and beautiful appearance, with many optional colors (black, gray, green, yellow, red). The cover surface is designed to be anti-skid and with delicate patterns and lines, product surface can be customized design.

② Lightweight. The weight of glass reinforced plastic manhole cover is 1/3 that of a cast iron manhole cover or cement manhole cover. So that SMC manhole cover is easy for one man operation, more convenient for daily inspection and maintenance, also can reduce the risk of labor injury.

③ Fiberglass has excellent toughness and are not easy to crack. The load bearing capacity can be graded up to A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900 according to standard of EN 124-1:2015, EN 124-5:2015.

④ Anti-corrosion and anti-aging, resistant to any harsh weather conditions. The properties of the fiberglass themselves give the products excellent high and low temperature resistance (the products can be used at -50~160℃), chemical resistance (acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, etc.) and dimensional stability (very low coefficient of thermal expansion: 12*10-6/℃).

⑤ Compared to metal, the SMC material is with remarkable insulation and excellent dielectric performance. Through the improvement of the formula so that the product has excellent anti-static performance and fully meet the electronic industry SJ/T11159-1998 floor covering and assembly floor electrostatic performance requirements. Also, composite material is non-rusty, no scrap value and less noise. 

⑥ Long service life. Through the use of high performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, to ensure the resin penetration in glass fiber, greatly enhance the internal adhesion, so that the product has a high fatigue strength, under the action of a given effective load and frequency, its service life is usually not less than 30 years.

⑦ Environmental-friendly. The raw materials used are halogen-free, SMC is non-toxic products. The reasonable structural design solves the noise problem caused by the impact between the cover and the frame. 

⑧ Great anti-leakage performance.The unique leak-proof and sealing design ensures tight contact between the cover and the base, that makes the petrol station manhole covers with excellent waterproofing effect and effective protection of all facilities in the UST.

Basic Parameter:

Square Composite Manhole Cover

Product Details:

After strict load class and sealing tests, they will be packaged for shipment and our after-sales service will continue to be provided.

900x900mm Sealed manhole cover

D400 Manhole Cover for Fuel Station

Packaging for Shipment:

Square Composite Manhole Cover

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